Flat Tire Repair

7 Days a Week.

Excellence in Tire Repair

Get a flat tire repaired fast at Milito’s in Chicago.

Fixing and changing a flat tire can seem easy at first, but can quickly spiral into a more serious situation if not done properly.

Milito’s has state-of-the-art equipment to dismount, mount, balance, and repair the tire correctly the first time, fast!

Repairs are guaranteed for the life of the tire!

If you have any more problems with the tire we fixed, bring it back and we’ll take a second look. Our certified technicians can help with all aspects of car care and repair. We will assess all potential issues surrounding your tires and help you get back on the road safely.

review rating 5  I bought a new truck and have not had to have service for a long time. Jay Jay was always my go to at Militos. Well, we are driving back in town on 55 today and a big plastic bucket flys off a truck and we hit it going 75 mph. It goes under our truck and gets lodged in the wheel. We pull over and get it out from under the vehicle. We weren’t sure if our car was leaking fluid so we drive it into Militos. I tell Jose the story, he says he’ll check it out. I walk over to the grocery store and when I get back they have already had it up and checked it out. It’s fine. No charge. I love this place. Jose is another decent human being that makes me feel the world is a good place. Did I mention they were busy? Best place ever.

thumb Kim Thorstenson

Milito’s Flat Tire Repair Service includes:  

  • Proper dismounting of the tire from the wheel.
  • Puncture diagnosis. Minor cases of damage can usually be repaired. However, when the sidewall or shoulder of the tire is damaged, or if the size of the puncture exceeds one-quarter-inch diameter, the tire will probably require replacement.
  • Repair the tire using two state-of-the-art repair components:
    Safety Seal Repair
    – Seals the damaged area from tread to inner liner, creating the perfect repair.
    Liquid Patch – Creates a permanent, flexible patch around the Safety Seal Repair on the inner liner of the tire.
  • Remount the tire to the wheel and properly reinstall on your vehicle.
  • Check and set tire pressure to your vehicle’s specification.
  • Complete a multi-point inspection of the repair prior to handing over the keys.

We guarantee the repair for the life of the tire!

Milito’s Auto Repair keeps things simple and honest. After repairing your tire, we guarantee that repair for the life of the tire. We believe in our work, and think you should too! If you are still experiencing issues, bring your car, truck or SUV back in and let us take a second look –free of charge.