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We‘re Committed to Keeping Milito’s Clean!

Full-service gas at self-serve prices! 

Stay in your car and let us pump your gas, wash your windshield and check tire pressure – no extra cost.

Doing our part to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Improve fuel economy with the best diesel available.

Milito’s Mobil Redefines Diesel Fuel

New advances in diesel engines, exhaust treatment systems, and the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) has made diesel fuel more common that you may realize. It’s no longer a dirty, smog-emitting fuel that only larger trucks and tractors use.

30 – 35% more fuel efficient than regular gasoline vehicles, diesel-powered engines boost fuel economy and meet the same emission guidelines as gas-powered cars.

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, any old fuel won’t do. Diesel engines require specially manufactured diesel fuel to run as intended. Not all gas stations carry diesel – but Milito’s does.

Diesel #2 At the Pump

An ultra-low sulfur fuel, diesel #2 has a high energy content and provides great fuel economy.

Full and Self-Service

Stay in your vehicle and let us pump your diesel! Full-service at self-serve prices, 7-Days a week.

Mobil Synergy Diesel

Mobil Synergy diesel is blended to provide good ignition quality and is held to high quality standards for our customers.

Stop by Milito’s Mobil for Diesel and Much More!   

$10 Exterior car wash with triple shine – add a wheel shine for just $5! Contact-free car wash, 7-Days a week!

“Just went to Milito’s for last minute help before my daughter drives back to school. Benny helped me and couldn’t have been nicer!! Milito’s is ALWAYS our “go to” place.”