Why is my check engine light on?

Your check engine light just came on… Now what?

This is how it usually goes down, it is a snowy Chicago morning and you have places to be. Things are going are going smoothly, but then you start the car and ding! the Check Engine Light is shining brightly back at you from the dashboard. Ugh, now what? Do you drop everything and take it into the shop or write it off as “no big deal” and continue on with your day – business as usual.

So, what’s the right answer?

Well, at Milito’s Auto Repair, we believe you should never ignore a check engine light. An illuminated check engine or service engine soon light indicates that a part of your vehicle’s system is not operating as it should be. When dealing with ice-filled Chicago winters, that’s not something to shrug your shoulders to.

Drivability is one of the most common concerns when it comes to an illuminated check engine light. Can you still drive your car? Sometimes it’s safe, but sometimes it really isn’t. The light can come on for a minor reason like a computer error, or a failing sensor, but it could also pop on for a more mechanical issue such as exhaust system malfunction or an actual problem with your engine.

That being said, it’s best to access the situation as a whole when considering whether you should drive your car or have it towed to a trust repair shop in Chicago like Milito’s.

What Causes The Light To Come On?

Quite honestly, hundreds of different things can set off your check engine light and it’s hard to know what exactly the problem is without bringing your car, truck or SUV in for a diagnostic scan. That’s going to be your best bet and something that you should schedule as soon as possible.

At Milito’s, diagnostic services usually include the retrieval and interpretation of engine trouble codes, a visual inspection of related components and system analysis, as well as a component diagnosis. We are always sure to conduct a professional customer consultation that includes an explanation of the problem and a written repair estimate if needed.

Simple or Complex problems, we are here to help.

When the light comes on, don’t panic, access the car and make the drivability call, but make it a priority to get it into Milito’s Auto Repair for a complete diagnostic check as soon as possible. It may be something as simple as a gas cap not being screwed on properly, or there could be a serious safety issue on the horizon.

Regardless, it’s better to take those preventative measures now, rather than footing the bill for costly repairs down the road because you ignored the light for so long. (Doh!) No matter what make or model you own, a car diagnostic check at Milito’s Auto Repair can identify the problem, big or small, right away.